This is what we’re here for

I have my husband to thank for landing us in Europe. After-all, he is THE reason that I have seen more countries than I ever thought I would. I’ve met interesting people from all parts of the world, experienced a variety of cultures, and tasted the most amazing food. These experiences have colored my world, and we have basketball to thank! So, I wanted to share some highlights of bball life in Europe.

Avellino game days are so LIT!!

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New season, new city!

It is that time again! The start of a new basketball season for my husband, Jason! And, Italy is our new (temporary) home. A new country to explore, different culture to experience, and delicious PIZZA to eat! I’ve been in Italy for about 3 weeks, and Jason has been here for almost 8 weeks.

Do you get excited when it comes to change or is a strict routine your cup of tea? Everyone is different. I LOVE change! It is invigorating and for me, variety is the spice to life! 😉 As long as my hubby is there, and my dog can come along, I am in for an adventure.

City center 4
September 2017- Avellino City center

First thing I noticed when I left the airport in Napoli (Naples), and get on the road towards my new city, Avellino (30 minutes from Naples), is the driving!! It is nuts! I am almost instantly intimidated! And, I lived in Paris for two years. Paris is known for chaotic streets and confusing roundabouts! As we arrive in Avellino, cars are double/triple parked along small streets which are lined with cafes and small shops. Drivers have to manipulate their way by the randomly parked cars!

Once I look beyond the wild traffic, I see that Avellino is surrounded by larger than life, mountains. I am not used to elevation, but I am instantly loving it! I went from flat, Florida to amazing peaks. The mountain views are visible from our house, and I find myself randomly staring at their presence in awe! Their magnitude makes for an amazing back drop!

Jason brought home an espresso machine! Happy wife!
oct 2017
SO thankful our little fur baby travels with us!

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Florida is HOME and gardening is PEACE

Two years in Paris = the time of my life! Well, that time came and went, and happened fast! I have plenty of stories and memories to share about my time in the magical, Paris! And, I will! I really hated saying au revoir to France, but the silver lining was going home to FLORIDA with MY boo!

June 2017: Bye, Paris! Home to Florida for the summer!
Estelle, It’s time to say bye to City life!

A few things I get excited about when we are heading home to Florida are our Family/friends, warm beaches, publix/target (yea- guilty pleasures), sunsets, and our slice of heaven, our house/yard! Oh, and Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee 😉 You know that feeling when you start to feel at home somewhere and then before you know it, it is time to go!? That was me.. But, I have learned to look ahead because we live a life of movement and change.



Once we land in Florida, make it to our house, I walk in the door, and I feel a rush of comfort and excitement. I spent the following 3 months in FL enjoying all the little things that make home, HOME!

Making our house a home! So, July was our 3rd anniversary living in our house, and little by little our humble abode becomes an extension of US. We did NOT rush into decorating, instead we add to our palate during the off-season. We went to work on a few rooms this summer, and they are lookin’ fabulous, unique, and so fun! We have a mix of contemporary, traditional, and comfort goin’ on. My hubby has an eye for this. Seriously!!  Continue reading “Florida is HOME and gardening is PEACE”


A Dreamy Vision

Each stroll along The Seine River, I have a completely new experience and yet, I feel the same way every time..  Blessed and thrilled to be there!

Seine river april 2017

I took this photo last week while my Mom was visiting. I will hold onto this memory forever. One day, I will want to jump into this photo just to feel the warm air and the busy, yet peaceful, city vibe I felt in that moment.



Happy Easter (Joyeuses Pâques) From France

Most of my life, I spent Easter in Florida with family, attending church services, relaxing at the beach, dyeing eggs, and of course, eating! Living in Europe with my hubby, holidays have a new spin! And, I love it! We go with the flow, and do what we feel.

So, what is Easter like in France? Easter is celebrated all weekend, even on Monday, people spend time with family, cook traditional meals like lamb and other spring items. On Monday (day after Easter), outside of the tourist areas everything is closed. Leading up to the holiday weekend, shop fronts and bakeries are decorated with chocolate rabbits, fish, eggs, bells, and other signs of spring.


Image result for easter display in france
Window displays for Easter
Easter 2017 2
Easter eggs in Paris
Easter 2017 5
Chocolate Easter eggs at Stohrer, the oldest pastry shop in Paris

There are Easter Egg hunts, chocolates, and colored eggs, but the Easter Bunny is just now becoming popular in France. A common tradition I like, is the cloches volantes, or “flying bells”. So, the story is, no church bells ring between Friday and Easter Sunday morning bc the bells fly to Rome to visit the pope to receive a blessing, then they return with treats for the good kiddos. Cute, right?!

Easter 2017 24
I see these candy displays during many holidays in France. I am not sure what they are called, but I like them! We were given this when we went out one night. I call them candy cakes.

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The Hills of Paris- Montmartre

Do you have a place where you like to go for a mini escape? Maybe a private beach, a park, or even your own backyard? When I am in Florida, I go to the beach or bike trails to find peace. Since living in Paris I have discovered many tranquil spots.




Lately, I love visiting Montmartre, the hills of Paris! Located on the right bank, in the northern section of the city is the hilly part of town with the famous, Basilica of the Sacré-Cœur at the peak of the large hill (usually the main attraction for tourists). The view from the tippy-top is STUNNING!



This is my peaceful/happy place (on a sunny day).


It gets a pretty crowded on nice days when in season, so I like to go on weekdays or early mornings.


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Palais Garnier- A Paris Beauty

You know the anticipation you feel when you are about to walk into a special building, park, or even a home? You are not really sure what to expect.. You can see it’s beauty from the outside, but when you actually walk in, it takes your breath away!me-and-the-opera-2

Well, these are my feelings about The Paris Opera house, known as Palais Garnier, which was built from 1861 to 1875 for the Paris Opera.

palais garnier 4

The emperor Napoleon III held an architectural design competition for the new opera house in 1860, and he awarded the job to Charles Garnier, hence the name.

I have wandered around the outside many times, marveling at the gold details, huge columns, statues, and famous composers etched in stone.


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Shades Of Blue- Paris

Living in Paris I have learned to truly enjoy sunny days. Coming from Florida, sunny days are a part of life. It’s easy to get used to the simple pleasures in life, ya know?! What is your favorite thing about where you live?

blue paris 11
This photo is an example of why I LOVE this city! Colorful surprises are around every corner.

Yes, gray days are pretty common in France, but on the bright side, a dull sky makes colors pop around the city! Everywhere I go in this city, I see beautiful colors. That is (one of) my favorite things about where we live.

blue paris 15
Character all around me!
blue paris 7
View along Canal Saint-Martin

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Love For The Latin Quarter, Paris

Have you ever re-discovered a part of town that you never paid much attention to? Recently, I have been visiting the lively and vibrant, Latin Quarter. This district is located in the heart of Paris in the left bank (opposite the Seine River from The Notre-Dame Cathedral).

latin quarter blog 24
Street cendor located on the Seine River. See the Notre-Dame in backround 🙂

Imagine a busy, colorful area in a European city packed with tight winding side-streets, cafes, bars, pastry shops, restaurants, eclectic boutiques, and more. Eye candy for a tourist or photo lover!

latin quarter blog 7
Bertrands pastry shop and cafe

latin quarter 9
latin quarter

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A Sunday In Paris

Happy weekend!!

Fridays are great, Saturdays are amazing, but I have to say Sundays are my favorite!

What is your favorite day??

The song, Easy Like Sunday Morning plays in my head every Sunday morning while I am chilling around the house with my husband. There is something simple and relaxing about Sundays. Ya know?


It’s a new weekend, but I am still thinking about last Sunday and I want to share my ideal Sunday in Paris!

Selfie with The Seine River on a Sunday afternoon

Jason had an away game, so I decided to go explore, I hopped on the Metro with plans of visiting Saint Chapelle (Holy Chapel). Well, as soon as I got off the Metro, I got sidetracked by an outdoor market (they get me every time).

Cite Metro (Next to Sainte-Chapelle and the Marche aux Fleurs)
Sainte-Chapelle (to the left)

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