Florida is HOME and gardening is PEACE

Two years in Paris = the time of my life! Well, that time came and went, and happened fast! I have plenty of stories and memories to share about my time in the magical, Paris! And, I will! I really hated saying au revoir to France, but the silver lining was going home to FLORIDA with MY boo!

June 2017: Bye, Paris! Home to Florida for the summer!
Estelle, It’s time to say bye to City life!

A few things I get excited about when we are heading home to Florida are our Family/friends, warm beaches, publix/target (yea- guilty pleasures), sunsets, and our slice of heaven, our house/yard! Oh, and Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee 😉 You know that feeling when you start to feel at home somewhere and then before you know it, it is time to go!? That was me.. But, I have learned to look ahead because we live a life of movement and change.



Once we land in Florida, make it to our house, I walk in the door, and I feel a rush of comfort and excitement. I spent the following 3 months in FL enjoying all the little things that make home, HOME!

Making our house a home! So, July was our 3rd anniversary living in our house, and little by little our humble abode becomes an extension of US. We did NOT rush into decorating, instead we add to our palate during the off-season. We went to work on a few rooms this summer, and they are lookin’ fabulous, unique, and so fun! We have a mix of contemporary, traditional, and comfort goin’ on. My hubby has an eye for this. Seriously!!  Continue reading “Florida is HOME and gardening is PEACE”