The Hills of Paris- Montmartre

Do you have a place where you like to go for a mini escape? Maybe a private beach, a park, or even your own backyard? When I am in Florida, I go to the beach or bike trails to find peace. Since living in Paris I have discovered many tranquil spots.




Lately, I love visiting Montmartre, the hills of Paris! Located on the right bank, in the northern section of the city is the hilly part of town with the famous, Basilica of the Sacré-Cœur at the peak of the large hill (usually the main attraction for tourists). The view from the tippy-top is STUNNING!



This is my peaceful/happy place (on a sunny day).


It gets a pretty crowded on nice days when in season, so I like to go on weekdays or early mornings.


The town was an artist hotspot in the 20th century, artists like Dali, Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet had studios and/or worked in Montmartre.

For me, I could sit on a bench near the cathedral and look out over Paris, watch sunsets, sip on wine, and wonder about all the lives in each little window across the city.

moontmartre 10

moontmartre 12moontmartre 13


Luckily, I have explored this enchanting part of town with my some of my favorite people, my hubby, my girlfriend, Brittany, and my Mom. Each time was very different!

moontmartre 14
Me and Brittany- Dec 2016


Me and hubby, Jason- September 2015



My most recent visit, with my Mom- April 2017

moontmartre 2


The steep, winding, streets and stairs leading up to the peak (and basilica) are lined with high-end to affordable boutiques, gardens, cafes, fruit stands, vibrant street art, crepe makers and beautiful residences. moontmartre 9moontmartre 4moontmartre 3IMG_0285

moontmartre 11Montmarte cafeIMG_0375IMG_0360IMG_0343IMG_0339IMG_0338IMG_0322IMG_0336IMG_0331IMG_0314

The I Love you wall (Le mur des je t’aime). In the charming, Jehan Rictus garden square in Montmartre. This unique piece of art was created in 2000, I love you is written in 250 languages and the splashes of red, represent broken hearts.



If you want a unique souvenir, you could stop at Place du Tertre to have a self-portrait made by the sea of artists that you will pass by.

Montmarte 6IMG_0382IMG_0380

Me and My Mom explored this area on her 2nd day in Paris. We had amazing french onion soup, laughed at the random street art, strolled around a colorful garden (Jehan Rictus garden square), climbed the stairs to the tippy top of the hill, and took in the picturesque view! It’s a small (steep) hike, but my Mom was a trooper!

moontmartre 8IMG_0354IMG_0349


The very bottom of the hill is not my favorite, it’s a neon lit street ( Boulevard de Clichy) lined with sex shops, clubs, and the infamous Moulin Rouge. Yeap, not what I was expecting my first time seeing the Moulin Rouge?!? It is fun street to see one time! And, maybe attending a show at Moulin Rouge is better than the street view!

I prefer the artsy side streets up the hill and the views.


Montmartre in October 2016

Montmartre feels far away, but it’s a quick metro ride away from the city center. Cheers to one of my favorite, historical retreats in Paris! Chin chin!

moontmartre 5



3 thoughts on “The Hills of Paris- Montmartre

  1. what a great blog. Montemarte would have to be “one” of my favorite places in Paris. We stumbled on a lovely cafe right around the back, where we had the most amazing desserts. My sister who has been there many times when we got out of the funniclur? railway she said…”turn right to where all the shops are. Lol it was the “wrong way” but turned out to be the “right way” after the wonderful morning tea we ventured up more stairs and came to all the shops etc behind Sacre Couer …please forgive my spelling its very early here in Australia.


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