A Sunday In Paris

Happy weekend!!

Fridays are great, Saturdays are amazing, but I have to say Sundays are my favorite!

What is your favorite day??

The song, Easy Like Sunday Morning plays in my head every Sunday morning while I am chilling around the house with my husband. There is something simple and relaxing about Sundays. Ya know?


It’s a new weekend, but I am still thinking about last Sunday and I want to share my ideal Sunday in Paris!

Selfie with The Seine River on a Sunday afternoon

Jason had an away game, so I decided to go explore, I hopped on the Metro with plans of visiting Saint Chapelle (Holy Chapel). Well, as soon as I got off the Metro, I got sidetracked by an outdoor market (they get me every time).

Cite Metro (Next to Sainte-Chapelle and the Marche aux Fleurs)
Sainte-Chapelle (to the left)


Later, I realized I was at  Marche aux fleurs – Ile de la Cite (flower market). Sunday is the day to go because they have exotic birds for sale (every color of the rainbow)!


Glass ceiling flower market
Exotic birds, chickens, roosters, etc.
This amazing market has everything from lemon trees, flowers, and grape vines for sale.
There are several stores at this market selling handmade crafts and soaps, art, garden supplies, gifts, and more!


I love French savon (soaps)!


After I explored all of the colorful stalls and shops at the market, I made it to Saint Chapelle and I see a sign at the entry, ferme (closed). So, I decided to find a Café, and visit Sainte Chapelle another day (no worries on a Sunday in Paris).

I found a Café with a window seat overlooking a busy street and the Seine River (perfect spot to people watch). I ordered onion soup and a nice glass of French vin rouge (red wine).

My happy place


After a light lunch, I wandered up and down random streets.

There are all kinds of street vendors open on weekends


Art vendor near Latin Quarter

Eventually, I made it to the Latin Quarter of Paris.

Latin Quarter streets are lined with restaurants, bars, and shops.
I love graffiti (idk why)!

After strolling a few miles, it was dinner time. I found a spot that felt welcoming and decided to try it out.


I had the moules et frites (mussels and fries), which is very popular in France, Belgium, and Northern Europe.

Moules et frites (I am on the search for the best in Paris, and this was not it)

I’ve had better mussels (to be honest). I am still on the hunt for better moules et frites in Paris, I know their out there.

After dinner, the sun was setting, and it was a busy night in the Latin Quarter. Cafés were packed, tourists were getting their sunset shots of The Seine river, and restaurant owners were trying to woo guests in their doors (this only happens in the touristy areas). You can find a variety of food options in this district.

Latin Quarter at night
One of the many Gyro spots in Paris
Walk up Crepe shop in the Latin Quarter

I made my way back to the metro to head home. Sundays are made to cruise, and I am looking forward to my next Sunday in the City!

“The chief danger about Paris is that it is such a strong stimulant” – T.S. Eliot






8 thoughts on “A Sunday In Paris

  1. we had the best fritts in a small cafe near the Place de Vogues, but I do not remember the name. On the first Sunday of every month a lot of museums are free. The Carnivale is a great one but I think its closed until 2019. We were lucky to be able to visit before it was closed. Your pictures are beautiful xx

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