Happy Easter (Joyeuses Pâques) From France

Most of my life, I spent Easter in Florida with family, attending church services, relaxing at the beach, dyeing eggs, and of course, eating! Living in Europe with my hubby, holidays have a new spin! And, I love it! We go with the flow, and do what we feel.

So, what is Easter like in France? Easter is celebrated all weekend, even on Monday, people spend time with family, cook traditional meals like lamb and other spring items. On Monday (day after Easter), outside of the tourist areas everything is closed. Leading up to the holiday weekend, shop fronts and bakeries are decorated with chocolate rabbits, fish, eggs, bells, and other signs of spring.


Image result for easter display in france
Window displays for Easter
Easter 2017 2
Easter eggs in Paris
Easter 2017 5
Chocolate Easter eggs at Stohrer, the oldest pastry shop in Paris

There are Easter Egg hunts, chocolates, and colored eggs, but the Easter Bunny is just now becoming popular in France. A common tradition I like, is the cloches volantes, or “flying bells”. So, the story is, no church bells ring between Friday and Easter Sunday morning bc the bells fly to Rome to visit the pope to receive a blessing, then they return with treats for the good kiddos. Cute, right?!

Easter 2017 24
I see these candy displays during many holidays in France. I am not sure what they are called, but I like them! We were given this when we went out one night. I call them candy cakes.

How did we spend our Easter? Taking it easy!! 🙂 Thankfully, Jason had no practice today (Easter Monday), so we spent some time together in the city. Normally, we prepare a big spread for holidays, but not this time.. So, naturally, we went to one of our favorite pizza spots in Saint Germain, Why not?! We did not dress up, color eggs, or even indulge in

Easter 2017 25
Pizza Vesuvio

After lunch, we walked towards the Seine River, to the Pont Neuf bridge (the “new”love lock area). It is only about 10-15 minute walk from Saint Germain.

Easter 2017 10

Easter 2017 13
Pont Neuf Bridge- The oldest bridge crossing the Seine River. The sun peaked out for us.

Easter 2017 11

Easter 2017 14
I wrote our names and wedding date since adding locks is frowned upon bc over time the weight causes damage to the bridges. But we had to show our love!

Easter 2017 12

Below the bridge is a point that sticks out into the river with a perfect, picturesque, park.

Easter 2017

One of my favorite peaceful, places and I am so thankful to share this spot with Jason. We are blessed for these experiences, and I am forever grateful.

Easter 2017 27
Love locks
Easter 2017 26
Seine riverbank below Pont Neuf bridge.

With no destination in mind, we continued walking along the river until we reached a flower market. You never know what you will run into when wandering in Paris!

Easter 2017 9Easter 2017 7Easter 2017 8Easter 2017 19Easter 2017 16

After the market we found a metro stop, and jumped on to head home.

Easter 2017 15

Yes, an unconventional Easter, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. To me, it’s about rejoicing and spending time with the love of my life.

Happy Easter or Joyeuses Pâques



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