This is what we’re here for

I have my husband to thank for landing us in Europe. After-all, he is THE reason that I have seen more countries than I ever thought I would. I’ve met interesting people from all parts of the world, experienced a variety of cultures, and tasted the most amazing food. These experiences have colored my world, and we have basketball to thank! So, I wanted to share some highlights of bball life in Europe.

Avellino game days are so LIT!!

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New season, new city!

It is that time again! The start of a new basketball season for my husband, Jason! And, Italy is our new (temporary) home. A new country to explore, different culture to experience, and delicious PIZZA to eat! I’ve been in Italy for about 3 weeks, and Jason has been here for almost 8 weeks.

Do you get excited when it comes to change or is a strict routine your cup of tea? Everyone is different. I LOVE change! It is invigorating and for me, variety is the spice to life! 😉 As long as my hubby is there, and my dog can come along, I am in for an adventure.

City center 4
September 2017- Avellino City center

First thing I noticed when I left the airport in Napoli (Naples), and get on the road towards my new city, Avellino (30 minutes from Naples), is the driving!! It is nuts! I am almost instantly intimidated! And, I lived in Paris for two years. Paris is known for chaotic streets and confusing roundabouts! As we arrive in Avellino, cars are double/triple parked along small streets which are lined with cafes and small shops. Drivers have to manipulate their way by the randomly parked cars!

Once I look beyond the wild traffic, I see that Avellino is surrounded by larger than life, mountains. I am not used to elevation, but I am instantly loving it! I went from flat, Florida to amazing peaks. The mountain views are visible from our house, and I find myself randomly staring at their presence in awe! Their magnitude makes for an amazing back drop!

Jason brought home an espresso machine! Happy wife!
oct 2017
SO thankful our little fur baby travels with us!

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