Florida is HOME and gardening is PEACE

Two years in Paris = the time of my life! Well, that time came and went, and happened fast! I have plenty of stories and memories to share about my time in the magical, Paris! And, I will! I really hated saying au revoir to France, but the silver lining was going home to FLORIDA with MY boo!

June 2017: Bye, Paris! Home to Florida for the summer!
Estelle, It’s time to say bye to City life!

A few things I get excited about when we are heading home to Florida are our Family/friends, warm beaches, publix/target (yea- guilty pleasures), sunsets, and our slice of heaven, our house/yard! Oh, and Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee 😉 You know that feeling when you start to feel at home somewhere and then before you know it, it is time to go!? That was me.. But, I have learned to look ahead because we live a life of movement and change.



Once we land in Florida, make it to our house, I walk in the door, and I feel a rush of comfort and excitement. I spent the following 3 months in FL enjoying all the little things that make home, HOME!

Making our house a home! So, July was our 3rd anniversary living in our house, and little by little our humble abode becomes an extension of US. We did NOT rush into decorating, instead we add to our palate during the off-season. We went to work on a few rooms this summer, and they are lookin’ fabulous, unique, and so fun! We have a mix of contemporary, traditional, and comfort goin’ on. My hubby has an eye for this. Seriously!!  Continue reading “Florida is HOME and gardening is PEACE”


The Hills of Paris- Montmartre

Do you have a place where you like to go for a mini escape? Maybe a private beach, a park, or even your own backyard? When I am in Florida, I go to the beach or bike trails to find peace. Since living in Paris I have discovered many tranquil spots.




Lately, I love visiting Montmartre, the hills of Paris! Located on the right bank, in the northern section of the city is the hilly part of town with the famous, Basilica of the Sacré-Cœur at the peak of the large hill (usually the main attraction for tourists). The view from the tippy-top is STUNNING!



This is my peaceful/happy place (on a sunny day).


It gets a pretty crowded on nice days when in season, so I like to go on weekdays or early mornings.


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Shades Of Blue- Paris

Living in Paris I have learned to truly enjoy sunny days. Coming from Florida, sunny days are a part of life. It’s easy to get used to the simple pleasures in life, ya know?! What is your favorite thing about where you live?

blue paris 11
This photo is an example of why I LOVE this city! Colorful surprises are around every corner.

Yes, gray days are pretty common in France, but on the bright side, a dull sky makes colors pop around the city! Everywhere I go in this city, I see beautiful colors. That is (one of) my favorite things about where we live.

blue paris 15
Character all around me!
blue paris 7
View along Canal Saint-Martin

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Bonjour, Paris!

The first time I traveled to Paris I fell in love, kind of like the way NYC makes me feel, alive! You must have traveled to a place, near or far, that you remember visiting for the first time, and you felt instantly connected! The experience of living in a big city has been a dream of mine since I was young. I remember being a little girl and telling my Mom, I wanted to live in an apartment, above a florist in NYC when I grow up.. Well, it’s not NYC and it’s not above a florist, but I am grown and living in Paris with my husband!

Exploring The Montmarte neighborhood the first month I moved to Paris. When it was still summer weather! *sigh*



Our apartment building in Paris


Of course, we call Florida home. Each May the European basketball season ends, and we head back to Florida, for a summer break at home. It’s amazing to be home with friends and family, but in the back of my mind I wonder, where will we be living next season? It’s usually a different city, or even a new country each season (Luckily for me, we returned to Paris for second season). Once August rolls around, our summer winds down and we prepare for another basketball season abroad. We pack up as much of our lives that we can fit into suitcases, mail packages overseas filled with our beloved American products, and say goodbye to our home. Once we have filled our luggage to the brim, packed up Estelle in her travel bag, and begin our journey towards the airport, we are in THE travel zone, and at this point my stomach is usually in knots! You know that feeling when you think you are forgetting something? Yea, that’s always me when I am traveling.


I needed to fit all of this (and more, much more) into two suitcases!
I did it! I found a new talent! lol
Two out of the four boxes I sent before my departure date. Usually filled with American kitchen/bathroom products, vitamins, and sometimes extra shoes that couldn’t fit in the luggage (don’t judge lol). *Boxes are larger than they appear*

After paying a small fortune to check all of our luggage, get through security, and make it to our flight’s gate, I am able breathe again.

Estelle all ready to board the flight from Atlanta to Paris!

After a long flight, a couple of movies, and a sleeping pill, we arrive! It’s a surreal, yet exciting feeling to arrive in a country that felt a world away, my entire life, but is now a 2nd home. Immediately, we are immersed in a foreign land, language, and culture. The first couple of days are spent adjusting and settling in.. Oh yea, and eating warm croissants, while sipping on fresh brewed espresso (something I miss SO much when I am in FL). Whenever I first arrive in Europe, I feel like life suddenly slows down a bit.. Buildings and local streets feel rich with history, people seem at leisure (except when driving, that’s another story), and overall less is more. After the initial shock fades, time seems to start flying by! So I make lists of all my must see, must do, must eat, and must learn during the next 9 months. You never know what life will bring, I certainly did not think I would be living in Europe 9 months out of the year, especially not in Paris! But here I am, and I would not change my life for anything. So, stay excited for life, you never know what is around the corner. Can’t wait to share my adventures with you!

View from the top of The Eiffel Tower.

“Give thanks for unknown blessing already on their way”!- Native American Proverb