Classic Cafés Of Paris

Sipping on a Café (coffee/espresso) while sitting at a Parisian café is one of my favorite things to do. How do you take your coffee? I like mine straight up, the stronger the better!

Outdoor seating! The warmer months in Paris – October 2016

Cafés are staple rendezvous points in Paris. Most cafés offer much more than tea and coffees. Typically the menus include plat du jour (special of the day), croque monsieur (yummy melty cheese sandwich), onion soup, salads, frites (fries), vin (wine), beer (bier), and more. Here are some of my fav Café experiences from the last few months.

Menu du Jour, restaurant in Paris

Day date with my husband at L’ Affiche Cafe in Montmartre

Dogs are welcome inside most cafes too!
Croque Monsieur- I don’t care for some French food, but I am definitely okay with all the CHEESE!
Mucha Cafe- My favorite onion soup
Merci Jerome Cafe- Cafe and tiarmisu
Tabac D’Orsay with a view of the beautiful Musee D’Orsay (great fries too!) haha

When you see a large tabac sign outside of a French Café, then you know they sell a variety of tobacco products, which are very popular here.

This is my go to spot for a morning cafe because it is right near our flat.

If it’s a sunny day, or even a warm day, outdoor seating at Cafés all over the city will be packed! The tables and chairs only come out when the weather is right. The outdoor seating usually sprawls onto the city sidewalks (perfection for people watching)!

Parisian cafés come in many shapes and sizes, some are fancy, while most are casual. Here are some of my favorite spots!

Le Depart Saint Michel Cafe
L’Affiche Cafe in Montmartre, Paris
Cafe Du Centre on Rue Montorgueil
Cafe in our suburb of Paris, Levallois-Perret
View of a Paris street lined with cafes and outdoor seating

Most cafes have daily happy hours!

Royal Opera Cafe
Oh Mon Cake!! On Rue Saint Honore- near Royal Palais and The Louvre museum. Not a cafe, but super cute bakery with patio seating.
Cafe Du Metro- Near Anatole France Metro Stop


Cafe outside of the Royal Palais
Cafe in Levallois-Perret

Chin Chin (cheers) to Paris and all of the amazing cafes!

Tabac D’Orsay- located next to The Musee D’Orsay

“I’m happy to sit in a cafe and watch people. It’s my favorite thing to do, fur sure” Zoe Kravitz



5 thoughts on “Classic Cafés Of Paris

  1. I loved sitting outside people watching with a glass of vin or a cafe late….My sister Paula said it used to be more expensive to sit outside at the cafes in Paris. Inside would be standing only. There are probably still those cafes in Paris but we didn’t find any on our visit last year.


  2. I went to live in Paris for three months several years ago. My friends asked me what I was going to do, that I had to have a “goal.” I finally said my goal was to sit in every cafe at least once. Never came close, though God knows I tried.

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