A Peaceful Palace In A Hectic City

No matter who you are and what you do, finding your happy place is important! For me, I love wandering the city streets, but there are times when I need some peace. I found just the place, right in middle (literally) of city chaos. Palais Royal is an amazing palace, located very close to The Louvre in Paris.

I set out yesterday to explore the courtyard and garden of Palais Royal, I wanted to see some nature and step away from cement & buildings for an afternoon. First, I wandered the nearby city streets (Rue Rivoli and Rue Saint-Honoré). Perfect area for casual dining, shopping, and sightseeing (can be touristy, but it’s Paris!).

Outside of The Louvre, on Rue Rivoli, just down the road from the Palais Royal
Rue Saint-Honore- A few blocks from the palace
Rue Saint-Honre- A few blocks from the palace

As I entered into the covered hallway, I immediately felt a sense of history (in a fairytale type of way).

Entrance into the courtyard and garden of Palais Royal (Royal Palace)

I turned the corner, and saw the large open courtyard, exactly how I imagined!! Okay, my peaceful place was found! The stunning palace walls surround the quiet courtyard. The floor of the courtyard is styled with 260 black and white striped octagonal columns! The glamorous space is one of the symbols of Paris. The columns were added in 1985-1986, and believe it or not, it was quite a controversy.

Random photo shoot going on


The courtyard and gardens are separated by large columns and gates with real gold tips.

I love the stripes and symmetry
Gold details!
The (later added) fountains add a modern touch

The spacious garden is picturesque, and is a perfect CHILL spot during the warmer months. However, there were still people eating lunch, reading books, and relaxing  during chilly January. Imagine spending your lunch break here!

Still lush and green during the winter
Winter trees


Perfect place for R&R


“In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you”- Depak Chopra





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