A Stunning Sight To See- Paris!

Can you remember a view that took your breath away? An amazing sight, a moment, or maybe a person? I am happy to say, that I have experienced my fair share breathtaking moments and many are thanks to, Paris!


Last weekend, I had a total breathtaking moment, an OUTSTANDING view of Paris! I was in The Opera District (one of my favorite spots). The Palais Garnier Opera House is the focal point, surrounded by cafes/restaurants and TONS of shopping. The Galeries Lafayette and Le Printemps are luxurious department stores in this area, definitely not average shopping malls.

Galeries Lafayette during holiday season 2016
Printemps during holiday season 2016

I ADORE the remarkable, stained glass dome ceiling and the 7 story, open concept feel of Galeries Lafayette. Le Pintemps is strategically divided into THREE fabulous, yet separate buildings, all connected by walkways.

Galeries Lafayette

Yes, the shopping selection is spectacular, the buildings are perfectly designed in art nouveau style, and the dining options are top-notch. BUT, my FAVORITE, breathtaking part of it all, is the panoramic rooftop terrace view!

Printemps terrace January 2017. Perfect Paris sunset!

After weaving through the aisles of shiny designer products and the perfectly manicured high-end departments, I met my girlfriend, Aurélie on the 9th floor (terrace) of the Printempts building.

Happy Hour
20-SOMETHING degrees at this point!
Yes, my friend is a model. No, really! She is.. Can’t you tell?


The large terrace is high above the city streets, and provides a 360 degree view overlooking ALL of Paris. We ordered a bottle of wine from the terrace’s, Déli-Cieux Bar (they sell crepes, beverages, and other snacks too).

View of the Sacre-Coeur in Montmartre, Paris

It was COLD outside, but we bundled up and watched the sunset. You can also sit inside the bar, and take in the view because the walls are glass.

View from the inside rooftop bar
Crepe and wine to end the sunset!
After the sunsets, the city lights shine! Paris at night is amazing.

This is one of the many rooftops in Paris, but for some reason this location fills me with joy! I will share more stunning views soon.

I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list- Susan Sontag



9 thoughts on “A Stunning Sight To See- Paris!

  1. Paris took my breath away. I fell in love the moment I could feel the French air in my lungs. Even when our coach upon entering Paris, took the wrong turn and we ended up driving through an area that was kinda like a “seedy” part of Paris. I love the architecture and the cobblestones and contrary to a lot of peoples opinion , the French are a friendly and warm lot of people. Your pictures are amazing. I will follow with anticipation of all the places you will be posting about. Do go and visit Parc Monceau, its in the 8th arr and very beautiful and very French. Have you found anywhere yet to have a decent coffee?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, yes! I know what you mean. The architecture is amazing and I can’t get enough of it.. The cobblestone streets are my favorite too. I will have to go to Parc Monceau, I have not been! Thanks for the tip. I actually love the espresso in Paris (as long as it is fresh brew from beans). There is a cafe downstairs from my apartment that I really like, they have good cafe ole and expresso. Lately a lot of people have asked me about the coffee.. Honestly, I drink a lot more tea. I love english breakfast tea. Did you dislike the coffee in France? Have a nice evening.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. When we were flying to Europe a young couple I sat next to were going back to Paris to visit the family. They had been living in Melbourne for over a year. They said ” don’t expect the coffee to be like it is in Melbourne with the coffee art.” I found the coffee ok I drank more wine and tea au late ? White is that right?

        Liked by 1 person

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