FALL In Love With Sweet & Savory Paris!

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My last post was all about FALLing in LOVE with Paris in autumn. I shared the brilliant colors in nature, fall street wear, and gave you a peak into the local Parisienne parks.

Well, I had to dedicate another post to FALL in Paris, because I can’t get enough! This time, it’s all about the delicious, WARM treats that are served throughout the city during the cooler months.


There are many walk up crepe windows! You can choose sweet or savory.

Walk up crepe vendor in St. Germain, Paris.
Fresh crepes and waffles (gaufres) to order! Vendor in Montmartre, Paris in Dec 2016.
My first ever caramel crepe. Next, I will go back to my favorite, the nutella crepe.

Fall is the start of hot coco, hot wine, warm crepe, and hot churro season! There are tons of snack & drink stands throughout the city. Walk right up to the window, order a warm drink and a snack! You can order it for take away, and then you can keep moving or sit on a bench to enjoy!

Typical Parisienne, street food stand! This cute, vendor is located in St. Germain, and they offer crepes, hot wine, churros, sandwiches, and more.
Front view of the St. Germain food stand. The hot wine is delish! It’s a red wine with a spice flavor, infused with fruits.


If you need a break, sit down and indulge at the famous, Angelina Paris Tea House. They are known for their popular African hot chocolate and other sweets. Their hot coco is VERY thick and rich, almost like a pudding, so it is really for chocolate lovers! They also serve many sweets for dining in or take away, my personal favorite is the lemon tarte (tarte citron).

Angelina opened in 1903 and is known as a sophisticated spot and for their famous guests over the years. Coco Chanel was known to stop in! There are several locations throughout Paris, the original Angelina is located on rue de Rivoli, near the Louvre, perfect stop after a walk through the jardin de tuileries.

left: chilled hot coco, middle: fresh cream served with hot coco, right: Angelina’s famous African hot coco. You can also see a peak of their sweets menu.

After exploring museums, strolling the dreamy Parisienne streets, or shopping, the perfect snack is french onion soup (if you are into ooey gooey cheesy goodness)!

French onion soup at Le Petit Vendome on Rue Capucines is flavorful and loaded with cheese! Located in the Opera area and known for their lunch, this is a perfect place to stop after visiting the Palais Garnier (Opera House). Expect a crowd in this quant restaurant.

French Onion soup at Le Petit Vendome, Paris. I could eat two bowls of this soup.. Yes, really! It is that good!

Mucha Cafe Paris cafe has amazing French Onion Soup and beautiful Pariesienne decor! A short walk from the Musee D’Orsay. Located on the charming, Blvd Saint Germain.

French onion soup at Mucha Cafe, Paris.

Yes, it is getting colder outside, but it’s still popular to sit outside of a cafe and people watch, while enjoying a coffee, snack, or cocktail. Many cafe’s offer blankets while sitting outside this time of year! I love this!

Cafe in Montmartre, Paris in November 2016. You can bundle up with the provided blankets for guests.
Cafe in Montmartre, Paris on a Saturday night in December 2016.
beautiful fall morning in Paris at a cafe with outside seating!
If it is too cold to sit outside and your out for a walk with your dog, no worries! Most Parisienne cafes allow you to bring your fur-baby inside!
Cheers to fall in Paris! Yes, that is hot wine in my cup.

I will keep exploring and tasing EVERYTHING in Paris during this gorgeous, holiday season, so expect more soon!

“I love Paris when it sizzles”- Cole Portersignature





5 thoughts on “FALL In Love With Sweet & Savory Paris!

    1. Hmmm.. I have tried a lot of different crepes, and most of them are street vendors. They are ALL good to Of course, some are better than others.
      My favorite was probably in Montmartre at a crepe/churro stand near the abbesses metro stop and a carousel. I believe the stand is always there bc it looked pretty permanent. 🙂 Nutella is the best (in my opinion).

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