FALL In Love With Paris!

You know that feeling when you walk outside, and the crisp air hits you for the first time that year? You’ve been waiting for the cool breeze all summer long, right!? Yes, it’s fall! Time to pull out those beloved boots and enjoy the autumn weather before winter .

I am from FL, so I rarely get to experience this beautiful season. We have palms trees and green leaves all year-long. Not this time, I got to experience a chilly Halloween, and then watch the leaves change colors all around the city of Paris, during our Friendsgiving celebration.

A small park in Paris with a colorful canopy of trees

Sidewalk outside of our apartment building in Levallois-Perret, which is about 2 miles from Paris city center.
Paris in late October

When Autumn came around this year, I could not walk more than 10 steps without taking photos of the red, yellow, and orange trees. As you can see! I mine as well have been wearing a shirt that said, “I am a tourist”. Oh well!

One of the first trees I saw change this season. Even Estelle wanted to pose with this beauty! – Paris
View from our couch this Fall.. Who needs TV?!
Larger scale view from our living room. This is an office building across the street.
Levallois-Perret in November
Entrance to a local arts & craft store down the street from our apartment.

      There are many little parks throughout the city, where you will see the locals enjoying a light lunch, casual covo, or reading their book while sipping on something warm. I have learned to slow down a bit, and take breaks to enjoy the scenery like a real Parisienne.

Paris park in late September, when the leaves just started to change.
A larger park that many locals use as a short cut, or as a place to sit and relax for a bit. No dogs allowed here.
My favorite park near our house. I usually stop on my way home from the gym to relax. Unfortunately, no dogs allowed  in this park, so I can’t walk Estelle here  😦
Paris park in late September, when the leaves just started to change.

Paris in Fall is a great idea! The high season has ended at this point, which makes for shorter lines, less crowds, and lower prices. Most tourists use summer or winter breaks to travel overseas, because of school breaks and American Holidays. In my opinion, late September, October, and November is a wonderful time to visit Paris, because it’s easier to blend in and experience the city as a local. Make sure to pack a dark-colored jacket, a scarf, a hat and some cool boots!

Parisienne Fall street style
Paris in November

Part II coming! I will share my favoriteFall Paris SNACKS” that will keep you warm and satisfied.

Autumn.. The years last, loveliest smile-  William Cullen Bryant



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