Let me introduce myself..

Welcome to my Page! I am so glad you decided to check it out. If you like what you see please feel free to share anything you see here, and subscribe to my blog so you know when new posts are published. I am a Florida girl, living in France. This is a wild, yet exciting part of my life, to say the least! I try to enjoy every minute of this gypsy lifestyle, because I know it will not last forever, so I am starting to document my journey. Me, my husband, Jason and our yorkiepoo, Estelle, call Tampa, FL home, but these days, home is wherever we are together. Also, please check out the about me section to find out a little bit more about me and how I came up with my blog name. I started this blog to give my fam & friends a deeper look into our lives, because they usually get the cliff notes version of our overseas life. To be honest, I am writing this for my future self too.

I live in Paris!! I still can’t believe it. Not everyday is a whimsical Parisian daydream. But, yes, there are plenty of magical moments and there are many times while I am out and about, and I look around and think, is this really happening?! I decided it’s only right to share these experiences. This is year 2 in Paris, and i’ve had many breathtaking experiences, but I have also had some embarrassing, awkward, and scary moments in this amazing city too, but now I can look back and laugh. So whatever you’re doing today, go out and have fun. And don’t forget to laugh at yourself.


3 thoughts on “Let me introduce myself..

  1. wow…what a wonderful experience to actually live in Paris. I will enjoy reading your thoughts and your travels. I am so envious already. I keep hoping I will win a big lotto (when I purchase a ticket which isn’t often) that once won I will move to Paris.

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